Jessica Smith Presents

Walk STRONG 3:

The Complete 8-Week Home Fitness Program for Women


Challenge and change your body – without wearing it out!


We’ve got 20 Workouts to help you improve your METABOLISM, STRENGTH, STAMINA and FLEXIBILITY.

  • “Walk STRONG 3” builds upon our first and second series of Walk STRONG workouts, offering a progressive, multi-level program featuring our most comprehensive mix to date of various intensity and modalities for maximum energy and continued results.
  • This third installment of our “Walk STRONG” series contains 20 all new, varied and focused workouts designed to improve your metabolism, strength, stamina and flexibility, and our 2 phase, 8 week wall calendar that shows you how to put them all together.
  • All exercises are designed for at home performance and feature some low impact (no jumping) modifications (Debbie and Beth are back and offer ways to tone down or amp up your moves when appropriate to help you keep moving at your own pace).
  • As with all of our programs, we feature real women (not fitness models!) of various ages and sizes, along with family friendly language and attire.


We would love to have you join us for this journey — get started with us today!

Unlike many other fitness programs, we don’t believe in the old school fitness motto of ‘no pain, no gain!’ We believe your workout should make you feel better afterwards, and that’s why “Walk STRONG 3” features a balanced mix of various styles, duration and intensities of exercise to help challenge and change your body — without wearing it out. This comprehensive, 8 week system builds on our two previous, best selling Walk STRONG programs and features all new routines designed to offer you a next level progression to help you to continue to look and feel your very best.With sessions ranging in length from 15-30 minutes, every workout is focused on a specific training goal that fits into the program’s custom, periodized training cycle.

Each routine is designed to provide maximum benefit with minimal negative impact on the body. Train with real women (no fitness models here!) of various ages, shapes and sizes and get real results that can’t be photoshopped such as improved strength, a boosted metabolism, increased range of motion, reduced aches and pains and an overall healthier and happier lifestyle!

Our training sessions are designed to help you fit in fitness at home, not the gym. That’s why we use minimal equipment and space during the program – the only required equipment you’ll need are a mat, a sturdy chair and dumbbells (we do include the use of optional equipment, such as a step with risers, a small ball, yoga block and strap, though you can easily follow along without these items).

“I have absolutely loved this program. It is a complete, holistic, balanced system. There is every type of workout one could possibly need. A definite step up in intensity from the previous series. Fantastic!” 


Your Program Contains 20 Workouts on 6 DVDs, plus our 8-week wall calendar (the digital version comes with 20 workouts available via chaptered video, plus a downloadable pdf version of our 8 week calendar):


Approx. Run Time: 104 Minutes

+ Introduction: Welcome to the Program!

  • #1: Foundations: Review form techniques through alignment enhancing exercises using a slower, more controlled pace before jumping into a full workout.
  • #2: Deep Stretch: Improve flexibility and range of motion with this relaxing, total body stretching session.
  • #3: Yoga Strength + Stretch: Go one-on-one with Jessica for this calming, core stretch and strength practice.


Approx. Run Time: 93 Minutes

  • #4: Cardio Step Jam: Get moving and grooving during this fun, moderate intensity cardio session.
  • #5: Boogie I.T.: We’ve paired some funky fun moves with a handful of timed intervals for a fat blasting good time!
  • #6: Cardio Hit!: This high energy, kickboxing inspired interval session will have you fighting fat and channeling your inner champion.


Approx. Run Time: 96 Minutes

  • #7: Metabolic Conditioning: Step it up with this metabolism revving, cardio sculpting workout.
  • #8: Cardio Interval Sculpt: This non-stop session combines cardio intervals with total body strength for a 2-in-1 workout.
  • #9: Barre Sculpt: Feel the burn with this barre style session designed to lift and shape your entire body.


Approx. Run Time: 94 Minutes

  • #10: Total Body: We’ll do some heavier lifting during these multi-muscle, compound moves designed to improve your strength, stamina and metabolism.
  • #11: Upper Body: This heavier weights session uses targeted arm, chest, shoulders, back and core exercises to build strength and definition.
  • #12: Lower Body: Heavier weights and targeted leg, hip, buttock and core exercises create greater strength and a bigger calorie burn.


Approx. Run Time: 95 Minutes

  • #13: Barefoot Cardio Core: Kick off your shoes for this flowing, feel good low impact cardio and core session.
  • #14: Tone + Flow: This barefoot, total body session uses light weights and higher reps to sculpt from head to toe.
  • #15: Pilates + Yoga: Build flexibility, strength and control with this balanced, mind/body mash up session.


Approx. Run Time: 82 Minutes

  • #16: 1-Mile of Motivation: This moving mile will help get you going any day of the week!
  • #17: Total Body Training: Squeeze in a complete strength session with this efficient, but effective, total body workout.
  • #18: Streamline Sculpt: Using just one dumbbell, this resistance routine emphasizes the core more during every total body sculpting move.
  • #19: Add on Abs: Target your core (and more!) using our 360 degree approach to abs training.
  • #20: Total Stretch: Fit in a quick, full body stretch anytime with this relaxing, total body flexibility work.

Preview clips and full descriptions of each individual workout are available here.

Total Run Time: Approx. 564 Minutes

“Jessica is a perfect instructor – you will not feel lost in complicated moves, and will be able to tune the effort to your own level.”


Our “equipment needed” intro cards are included at the start of each session so you’ll know exactly what to set up before the start of your workout.


A Standard Sized Yoga Mat (You can find our larger black cardio mat here)

Dumbbells: We recommend three sets if available (though 2 will do): one light pair (2-8 lbs), one moderately heavy pair (8-15 lbs) and one heavy set (10-25 lbs). Exact weight range will vary by individual and ability.

A Sturdy, High Back Chair: We’ll grab onto a sturdy chair to assist during a few exercises in our “Foundations” and “Barre Sculpt” routines (we recommend anchoring it against a wall for safety).

A Hand Towel: We use this household staple for a few exercises during our “Foundations” and “Deep Stretch” routines to increase range of motion and comfort, and it can also be used under the knees or wrists during strength exercises (such as planks, modified push ups, etc) for additional support.


A Step [with or without risers]: We’re using a half step during our “Cardio Step Jam,” “Metabolic Conditioning” and “Lower Body” workouts, but a traditional step may also be used (turn it lengthwise to work off just the back end of it). No step? No worries! Debbie demonstrates step-free options during the workouts, making it easy to follow along without one.

A Small, Non Weighted Ball: We’ll use a small ball during our “Barefoot Cardio Core” and “Barre Sculpt” routines, but if you don’t have one you can easily follow Debbie, who does the workouts without one.

A Small Pillow: You may choose to add a throw pillow for extra support and comfort during a few poses during our Deep Stretch session, if desired.

A Yoga Block: Included only as an optional prop for just a few postures during our “Yoga Stretch + Strength” session, you can easily follow along without one.

“This is a workout system for women of any level of fitness, thanks to the different variations offered in each workout routine.”

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do you need for the program?

You don’t have to have a full home gym space or equipment to train with us — we’re working out at home too! The only required equipment pieces we’ll use are dumbbells (we recommend three sets if available, though 2 will do, one light, one moderately heavy and one very heavy set), a mat and a sturdy, high back chair. We also incorporate the use of optional equipment pieces (you can easily follow along without them) such as a step (with or without risers), a small, non weighted ball, a strap and yoga block for just a few of the sessions (please see full equipment list above for more details).

How long are the workouts and how many days a week is the program?

The workouts included range from 15 to 30 minutes (with the average daily session totaling 30 minutes), with the option to extend your sessions to 45 to 60-minutes for a few days during Phase II of the plan. “Walk Strong 3” is an 8 week, 56-day program with sessions suggested 7 days a week, but we also offer recommendations on how to adjust your weekly schedule to meet your personal needs.

The key to getting and keeping results is CONSISTENCY, and we’ve created this program with that in mind. Our “15-Minute Fix” series offers excuse proof solutions for super busy days, and while we’ve customized your schedule to continue progressing, we’ve also built in flexible options to help you stick with the plan — no matter what.

Can anyone do this program?

While it’s not required, we do suggest completing our original, “Walk Strong: Total Transformation 6 Week System” and our “Walk Strong 2.0” Plan prior to joining us for this program.

We do not recommend this program for those new to exercise, or those with joint or knee issues that may prevent movements such as squats, lunges, overhead shoulder movements or floor work, though our “Foundations” session offers helpful tips that may reduce aches and pains caused by improper form and technique by reviewing alignment fundamentals. For more knee friendly, floor work free options, please check out our “Walk ON” program series here.

Our modifier Debbie demonstrates low impact (no jump) options during the sessions and our intensifier Beth offers ways to add more intensity (when appropriate) so that you can always follow along at your own pace. However, you are looking for a hardcore, train-insane-style program, this probably isn’t the best fit for you as we believe in a more moderate, balanced approach for the best, long lasting results.

What’s the difference between the DVD and digital download?

Our DVD set includes 6 discs and our 8-week wall calendar. Our digital system contains all 20 sessions via chaptered downloads (also available for streaming) plus a printable pdf version of our 8-week calendar. Our DVD and digital products are managed separately; purchase includes one or the other, not both DVD and digital. We regret we cannot offer exchanges or bundled purchases (for DVD + digital) at this time.

If you are new to our digital downloads, we highly recommend testing out the platform and process first with our FREE video available here to try before you buy and make sure digital delivery is right for you.

What’s the difference between this plan and the original “Walk STRONG” and “Walk STRONG 2.0” programs?

With more variety and a wider range of styles and intensity, this next level program builds upon the strength and stamina created with our first two programs and continues your progression. While your workout partners (Jessica, Debbie and Beth) are the same, the workouts, music and set are all new!

Does this program come with a diet plan?

While we don’t believe in diet plans (we’re big fans of moderation and finding a way of healthy eating that works best for you), we do have some great nutritional tips and advice available from a Registered Dietitian in our special bonus guide pdf.*

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“The best yet – it is so comprehensive, varied and challenging. I love it!”

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