Judy (anonymous)

Hi Jessica,

First off I want to say I absolutely love your workouts. I started by doing your YouTube exercises (the #fitin15), but ever since your 21 day DVD I’m hooked lol. Before I found your workouts I hardly even did any exercise, let alone like to exercise. Now I don’t start my morning without one of your workouts, so thank you. I’ve actually lost 11 pounds since I started all your DVDs and eating better.


Anyway I digress, my question is what alternative either workout or equipment would you recommend for the exercises that use a chair? My chairs are too high and some roll.


Thank you!!

Judy answered
    • Hi Judy! Thanks so much for moving with us! To answer your question, anything that is of a similar height that is stable (you can also push them up against a wall to add more stability) would work โ€“ such as a bench, ottoman, etc. You can use a high step platform but that may be a bit low if you arenโ€™t ready for that much challenge just yet. Hope that helps ๐Ÿ™‚