I apologize if this should go somewhere else. I didn’t see a thread for Introductions.  I’d like to share my experience with Walk On and Jessica’s YouTube videos.
I was never an athletic kid growing up.  I never had an interest in working out or sports until my husband and I began riding our bicycles in 2011.  We developed this real love of riding around everywhere on the trails. It didn’t feel like exercise, and I got to really bond with my husband.

Fast forward to getting pregnant in 2014.  I bicycled until my second trimester, and then I had to stop because it was uncomfortable.  I had a really great pregnancy, but the delivery was pretty traumatic.  I had to have multiple blood transfusions, and I ended up in bedrest for a few months afterwards.

The last four years were a bit of a daze.  I became (quite literally) a walking feeding station for the first year or so, and it was really hard to find that rhythm in a schedule just for day-to-day living.  I am a working mother, so I found it easiest to try to get back into that rhythm first, and just kind of forgot about taking care of me.  Because of this, I ended up continually stressed out, frequently overeating, and just generally unhappy.  I was tipping the scales at 216 (I was 175 pre pregnancy).

I realized a few months ago that I needed to make a change for me.  I needed to feel like myself again. I didn’t know who this person was in the mirror.  My body not only looks different, but it feels different. It’s a different weight and different shape than I was pre-pregnancy.  My first stop was just learning to eat better.  No dieting, because I knew that would never work.  I started by eating smaller portions; eating small, healthy snacks; and cutting out soda all together.

After I felt I had a good handle on eating better, I looked for a workout dvd to do at home.  The first three dvds I tried made me just feel worse about myself.  They were highly rated on Amazon, but I couldn’t understand why.  The coaches yelled and made me feel badly that I couldn’t keep up.  I felt like a failure.   I started my search again, thinking I just couldn’t ever find a workout series that fit me or that I was just “broken” and not good enough to do any of these dvds.  I then found Walk On: Walk the Weight Off 30 Day Plan.

The first few days were pretty rough, I won’t lie.  I was clearly out of shape.  I was breathing heavily, dripping with sweat, and red in the face, but I miraculously didn’t feel like a failure.  I felt like a friend was holding my hand, supporting me every step of the way.  After the first week, I could make it through a workout without a red face!  Three weeks into the series, we went on vacation to San Diego to the zoo and Safari Park.  I walked over 6 miles each day, and never once got winded!

I finished my first 30-days, then I restarted the 30-day plan.  After I did that, I discovered Jessica’s YouTube videos and went “hog wild,” creating my own schedule of videos.  I am four and a half months in now.  I have better posture, I feel stronger, I have more energy, and am starting to feel more like myself.  I am currently at 185, and have lost a combined 23 inches from my bust, arms, waist, thighs, and hips!

I have to add, my new “go to” workout the last few weeks has been starting each day with a 1 mile Walk and Talk (I LOVE THESE! I wish there were more!), and then doing the 5 day Fall Back into Fitness in order Monday through Friday.  I sparkle a LOT for Day three!!

Sorry for rambling. I just wanted to say hello, and “meet” everyone on this journey with me!

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    • Hi brelki! Thanks so much for sharing your story and for moving with us! We’re so glad you are a part of our community. And congrats to you on all of your hard work and accomplishments, wow! Please keep up the fantastic work you are doing taking care of your body and your health. To check in for our YouTube videos you can comment right below each video in the video comments section (this particular forum is for our Walk Strong series program check-ins). We look forward to joining you for another session soon 🙂 (PS – we have more 1-Mile Walk n Talk sessions coming soon, so please stay tuned! So glad to hear you are enjoying them 🙂