Omega Jones (anonymous)

(Sorry same question, but I wanted to ask about the exercise ball) Hello I live on the second floor, so not to bother my downstairs neighbors I take my portable dvd player and  my dvds and head out the door to the gym, they have a space in the back I can do this. But my issue is I don’t have a sturdy high back chair there, what other options do I have? Can I use the biggest exercise ball I can find?

Omega Jones answered 1 min ago

jessica commented
    • Hi Omega! Welcome to the program and to our community, we are so glad you are joining us on this journey. To answer your question, you can hold on to a wall for balance when we use the chair for balance work and if there is a bench available you can use that when we are holding on to the seat of the chair (such as during the Interval Mix). We don’t suggest using a stability ball as it’s too unstable for the moves we want you to use a chair for during the sessions. Hope that helps 🙂