Hi Jessica and Team,

I am currently on the Phase II Rotation, loving the mix of WS2, WS1 and Yoga workouts. In a few weeks I will begin the 8 Weeks Rotation of WS3. From what I’ve read so far, WS3 is more difficult than WS1 and WS2. So my question is, what might be a better approach in case using my current weights will be too much. Should I lower the weights I’m using or should I keep using the same weights and if it turns out to be too much, just reduce the number of reps? I’m currently using 5 and 8 lbs. dumbbells.


jessica commented
    • Thanks for joining us for our Walk STRONG journey cicikay! We would love to continue training with you 🙂 To answer your question, we provide weight range recommendations at the start of every workout in WS3 and you can always start with what you have now, drop down as needed or even finish sets with just your body weight at any time. WS 3 is a progression from the previous two programs and builds upon what we’ve worked on in those previous sets, but we still offer modification options when appropriate (Debbie and Beth are both in the program as well) to help you take each session to your own personal level. Hope that helps and that we’ll be able to join you for another session soon!