cicikay (anonymous)

Dear Jessica,

I could use some help in regard to two moves. I noticed a few times (can’t remember the exact workouts) that you say to close the rib cage or tighten the rib cage. How does that move differ from activating the core muscles by tightening them? I’m not sure how to close the rib cage and feel I’m missing out on something.

The second move I need to work on is getting off the floor and sitting down again without using the hands. Apart from not being able yet to do it well, I feel that what is making it even more difficult for me is that my body is a “long legs and short torso” type. I think that with the opposite type of body such a move is a bit easier. Of course, that is not the only reason, but it’s not making it easier for me. Anyway, could you break this move into single steps or show it a bit more slowly on YT? (In the Walk Strong workout it is done rather quickly). This would be so helpful and much appreciated! Many thanks ♥

cicikay answered
    • Hi cicikay! Thanks so much for moving with us. Hope I can answer your great questions here:

      1) The cue regarding ‘closing your ribcage’ is meant to give you a visual on the action/movement we want you to think of when engaging your abdominal muscles. Much like tightening a corset, we want you to think of a 360 engagement of your abdominals vs. simply sucking in your stomach, which can sometimes encourage the ribs to ‘pop open’ to make room for the belly to draw in.

      2) The sit down stand up move is a tough one that can definitely take practice and patience. Please feel free to pause the video if you need more time, and or perhaps at the end of the session, practice a few more times (or even throughout your day). There’s no real wrong way to get up off the floor, the goal is simply to eventually be able to do it without the use of your hands (please feel free to continue to use your hands, a chair, etc whatever you need while you practice and build strength, moving at your own tempo at all times – safety is most important). Here’s more info about why that move is so important: http://jessicasmithtv.com/new-sit-stand-test-said-predict-longevity/

      Hope that helps! Please keep up the great work you are doing taking care of your body and your health. Hope to join you for another session soon 🙂