This is your official check in thread for the Walk STRONG 2.0 Plan! Weโ€™re so excited to continue the Walk STRONG journey with you and cheer you on along the way. Share your daily or weekly workout check ins with us here -support your fellow community members from around the world as we all keep walking STRONG together!

Just in case you haven’t received it yet, you can download your printer friendly 6 Week Walk STRONG 2.0 [aka Phase III] calendar here: http://walkonwalkstrong.com/phase3ย (fyi, if you print, you may want to print only page 1 to save ink as page 2 lists all the DVD program locations for the workout and is very image heavy).

And please donโ€™t forget to submit any questions here on this thread:ย http://walkonwalkstrong.com/check-in/question/questions-ask-them-here-please/ so we donโ€™t miss them ?

Letโ€™s #WalkOnWalkStrong team! YOU GOT THIS <3

Anonymous answered
    • I just completed Steady, Ready, Go and it was awesome. Can’t wait to try another new workout.

    • Great Job! I just completed Day 2, Total Focus and it was awesome … couldn’t wait until tomorrow