Laura F (anonymous)

Finished 2 rotations of the 4-week WalkOn Program from your calendar-Awesome!! Ready for next chapter but need to know is it the 4-week WalkStrong calendar or the WalkStrong 6 week transformation? Wondering what comes first~Thank you so much and super ready to keep going!!

Laura F answered
    • Hi Laura F! Thanks so much for joining us for our Walk ON series! It sounds like you were doing our 4 week Master Rotation Calendar? We would love to have you join us for Walk STRONG 6 Week System next (our master rotation calendars are designed for after you have completed all previous phases of the programs)! Our 6 Week System is our more comprehensive plan which includes a wider variety of workout styles. You can learn more about it, watch a preview clip, get answers to FAQs and more on the main page of our website walkonwalkstrong.com (be sure to scroll down to view all of the info). If you haven’t already, please be sure to sign up for our free email list (also on our home page) to receive your welcome packet that includes your subscriber savings code for the 6 Week program. Hope that helps and that we’ll be able to continue this journey with you soon 🙂