Jessica Smith Walk Strong Program



Is this program suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! Follow Debbie for more beginner oriented options during the routines and be sure to go at your own pace. However, please make sure to check with your doctor first before beginning this or any other workout program.

Is this program suitable for advanced exercisers?

We offer 3 levels of options throughout the workout: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Follow Beth for more challenging choices and feel free to add additional weight during the strength segments to take your workout to the next level. That said, if you are looking for a hardcore, train-insane-style program, this probably isn’t the best fit for you.

Is this program suitable for pregnancy or new Moms?

This program is not specifically designed for pre or postnatal exercisers. Please check with your doctor to find out what kind of workout is best for you in your current stage of motherhood.

Is this program suitable for those with specific conditions (i.e. knee and hip issues)?

While we do offer more joint-friendly modifications during the routines, all conditions vary and not all exercises are suitable for everyone. Please consult with your doctor or physical therapist before attempting this or any other workout program to find out what types of movement are best for your body’s needs.

Is this a walking program?

This is much more than simply walking, but if you can walk, you can do these workouts! This plan focuses on effective, low impact movements (with higher impact options shown) designed to build strength, stamina and improve longevity at any level of fitness. We built this system to help you walk STRONG all day long!

And, if you are a regular walker, this plan is perfect for cross training as it’s a complete program that incorporates all the elements of a balanced fitness routine including strength, cardio, core and flexibility work. Of course, we still do a lot of walking during the sessions, so if you love walking workouts, we think you’ll love these too.

Is there floor work included in these workouts?

Yes. There are some exercises that simply work best on the ground, so we’ve included some floor work within this program for maximum results. We do however take special consideration for getting up and down and specifically focus the floor work only during certain sections of the routine when it’s most appropriate.

How much strength training is included?

5 of the 10 workouts (not including the functional strength training included in our prehab routine) in this program include resistance training to help you boost your metabolism and build a strong support system for your spine and joints.

Is this program available on DVD outside of the United States?

This program is only offered on DVD Region 1 within the U.S., but we encourage our international friends to check out our digital download option instead- there’s no extra shipping or fees to worry about!

Digital Downloads

How do the digital downloads work?

Our digital downloads our accessible through our Purple Platform player that allows you to easily view your purchases without an internet connection (once they are downloaded) on multiple devices. You can download to as many compatible devices as you like.

We love the Purple player for many reasons, not only because it’s easy to use and access your files, but because it also helps avoid the major storage space issue that most mp4 files can create. Most downloaded files that are of this length are huge and our player helps you save space on your device to avoid slowing it down or even crashing it during and after downloading your purchases.

We know that using a new player that you aren’t used to can be intimidating, which is why we’re here to help answer questions, troubleshoot tech issues and even offer a full 30-day money back guarantee with our download products. Our tech support team is always available to assist, simply click here to use our “live chat” option for immediate assistance with your downloads, or click here to send a message for a team member to get in touch with you ASAP.

Will I get a copy of the Calendar and Welcome Guide if I purchase the download version?

You will receive downloadable PDF versions of both the 6-week Calendar and the Welcome Guide with your digital download. Your purchase includes both the original copy and a more printer-friendly version of both to help you save some ink if you decide to print out your copies at home.

To access your PDF files, first open the streaming player, then click “Play”. You will see a “download” button under the chapter menu which includes your additional PDF files. Click here for more specifics on locating the PDF files on your computer or device. If you need additional assistance locating your files, our tech support team is always happy to help! Click here to use our “live chat” option for immediate assistance with your downloads, or click here to send a message for a team member to get in touch with you ASAP.

Do I need an internet connection to view my videos?

Once you have downloaded your purchases to the Purple Player you do not need an internet connection to view your videos.

Can I stream my videos to my TV?

If you have a device that allows you to stream from your tablet or other device you can stream our videos to your TV. Once you’ve downloaded to your device(s), simply activate your favorite method of streaming (ie Apple TV) to view on your TV screen. You can also access Purple Player through your web browser on your Smart TV.

Can I save my videos on more than one device?

You bet! Once you’ve purchase the videos they are yours to access forever. You can download them to all of your favorite devices. Accidentally delete them? No worries! Simply log back into your account to download your purchases again anytime.

Need help troubleshooting your digital download purchases?

You can access our amazing support team anytime – they are happy to help you with any questions you have about your digital downloads or when you’re in need of tech support. Use our “live chat” option anytime for instant help (during business hours) for immediate assistance with your downloads, or click here to send a message for a team member to get in touch with you ASAP.


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