Jessica Smith Walk Strong Program

Meet Kristen K.

“My family is appreciating a stronger, more energetic version of me!”


Name: Kristen K.

My Story: I hope my story can help encourage someone, as Jessica’s workouts have helped me. On the night before Easter in 2010, I was sideswiped by a drunk driver. The impact tore several discs in my lower back, leading quickly to early onset arthritis, degenerative disc disease, sciatica and more. So at the age of 23 I went overnight from being fit and active, to being bedridden in unbearable pain, unable to even hold my young daughter.

Shortly after my accident I was told by several health professionals that I could never significantly improve my condition, that my only option was to manage my pain with narcotic painkillers, cortisone shots, and eventually surgery to fuse my spine. I just couldn’t accept this grim prognosis.

I discovered Jessica’s YouTube channel and immediately bought her 21 day plan DVD. I was amazed when I was able to do it without a flare up! I had no idea how much movement was possible without impact! And as Jessica says in one of her workouts, “low impact does not mean low intensity.” It feels SO GOOD to be active again! Jessica’s DVD’s have changed my life so much!

So far I’ve lost a quarter of the weight I’d like to lose, I’m getting toned again, and I feel so strong! I just have to make sure I stretch really well after every workout. I am ecstatic to be able to think about being super fit again without knowing deep down that it would take a miracle. My flares-ups are much shorter now and on my worst days I feel much better after doing one of Jessica’s easier workouts. My family is appreciating a stronger and more energetic version of me that can be more involved in activities. I haven’t felt this much like myself since my accident! I am so grateful to Jessica for creating an amazing variety of fun yet intense low-impact workouts in her Walk On series.

My Favorite Workout (from the Total Body Transformation program): My favorite workout right now is to combine the “Power Posture” and the “Belly, Buns and Thighs” walk.

My most exciting results: It’s just amazing that I can pull myself out of bad days and flare ups by doing the easier workouts on Jessica’s DVDs at least once a day. My bad flares that have always lasted anywhere from two weeks to two months, now last two days to a week! I can’t express how much this improves my quality of life! Also, it’s really cool that I can almost do the monkey bars again.

The best healthy living advice I’ve learned is: It took me a long time to learn this, but having the right mindset is key. It keeps me focused on the big picture and the many reasons for living a healthy and active life beyond weight loss. I used to have an all-or-nothing attitude, so if I ate badly at a meal or couldn’t work out one day, I’d feel like I was starting over and it took great effort to reset. By looking at the big picture and moving forward as well as I can each day, I can be much more consistent, accomplish more, and don’t beat myself up for imperfections.

Meet Kristen K.
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