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Meet Petra S.

“I not only see a transformation of my body, I’m altogether healthier and fitter than ever.”


Name: Petra S.

My Story: Some years ago I suffered from a shoulder inflammation caused by too much sitting and monotone movements related to my job and when my physiotherapist told me I had to keep doing exercises to get my muscles build up again, I realized, that I should be moving in general a bit more. Gym wasn’t an option for me, therefore I started to search  I found Jessica. I liked her way of teaching, explaining exactly and easy to follow, but at the same time fun, challenging and motivating.

With Jessica, I tried for me new things like Kickboxing and Barre and through her motivation I started doing her workouts on a daily basis. Additionally, when I saw positive changes to my body and health, like much less trouble with my joints I also changed other parts of my life like eating healthier.

Being part of her community, meaning participating in challenges, following the plans from her different programs (I love her “Walk On” sets) and of course interacting with her and other community members is a big motivation and so much fun. Now after more than 2 years of regular workouts with Jessica, I not only see a transformation of my body (like building up muscles instead of fat pads), but I also developed a completely new physical well-being and I’m all together healthier and fitter than ever.

My Favorite Workout (from the Total Body Transformation program): 360 Abs

My most exciting results: When I had an appointment with my physiotherapist this year and she told me, that I not only build up muscles, but also that my posture improved significantly.  Weight loss was never my goal, but I was very pleased, when I dropped down one size in my trousers lately!

The best healthy living advice I’ve learned is: Always listen to your body.

You can “meet” Petra during our Cardio Party workout in our “Walk STRONG: 6 Week Total Transformation System!”

Meet Petra S.
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