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Get motivated to start your own transformation with these inspiring success stories from our actual community members!

“I now have an abundance of energy!”


Name: Jules S.

My Story: I thought I was enjoying my life, my work and my family, but my body was telling me otherwise. I considered myself healthy (I’m a Nutritional Therapist) and eat a clean and natural diet, so couldn’t understand why this was happening to me. Walking was like trudging through treacle and it became increasingly painful for me to move and even use my hands. I resigned from my fun but physically demanding full time job and felt like a failure. Then the guilt kicked in. It comes harder, faster and frequently when you become a mother! I was suffering and felt I was making my family suffer. Never one to ask for help as I consider myself strong and independent, I had to learn to accept help and understand that people wanted to help because they cared about me.

Apparently I was just stressed and exhausted because my bloodwork was normal. Eventually it turns out I was iron deficient anaemic and took action to remedy that. Getting my energy back has been slow but steady progress.

For my physical health, I started indoor ‘walking’ to improve my stamina and started to praise myself for every step rather than berate myself that I wasn’t as sparkly and bouncy as I used to be. After my ‘burn out’ but before I even started this Walk STRONG program I was only able to do FITIN15 workouts and my daily yoga. I progressed to the barefoot sunset walk because it was 30 minutes (I would do it when supper was cooking). I would NEED a lunchtime meditation but not necessarily have bundles of energy to do much else during the day. However, I now have an abundance of energy to home educate my daughters, run my own holistic therapies business, work part time in a health shop and study my passions (living, health and well-being). I still treat myself to a daily meditation (I call it finding my ‘spirit level’) and still have heaps of energy at the end of each day. For that I am grateful beyond words and can only express my gratitude for my amazing body by living each day in love, healing and humour and by listening to the messages my body is trying to tell me! Thank you to Jessica and everyone else involved in helping others achieve greater health and wellbeing. Your work brings joy (and delicious muscle ache!) to others.

My Favorite Workout (from the Total Body Transformation program): Ooh that’s a hard decision. I looked forward to every workout every day. I love the barefoot fusion. Maybe I’ll be able to tell you when I do it a second time round. I also enjoyed the prehab routine, because it is equally important, but I don’t think I would have done it if it was an optional extra.

My most exciting results: I feel lighter on my feet and definitely more toned. My belt hole has shifted- in a positive direction! I feel stronger all over and pain in my right knee has vanished. I definitely have more stamina and energy. Cycling uphill is easier. I am getting my bounce back – yippee!

The best healthy living advice I’ve learned is: Smile and hug often. Create good habits, befriend and forgive myself. Live each day as if it is my last. Drink water and eat life affirming foods. Keep good company. Sort the wheat from the chaf and get rid of anything that doesn’t serve me in my life.

Meet Jules S.!

“All the jeans I haven’t worn since pre-kiddos fit, and some are too big!”


Name: Courtnie H.

My Story: A little more than a year ago a friend posted her before and after photos when she had lost more than 60 pounds. Wow! When I saw those pictures it inspired me to do something about the extra weight I’d been hanging onto from having 3 babies in less than 6 years.

I downloaded the #myfitnesspal app, kept up with my calorie intake and began working out with #jessicasmithtv 3-5 times a week in our office at home. It went a lot slower than I had expected and I plateaued a couple times, but I had already made fitness and healthy eating a habit and so I just kept going. I was hoping to hit 40 lbs lost by January 6, exactly one year from when I started, but I’ll take a year and two weeks! I still have about 15 lbs. to hit my ultimate goal, but I know now that I can do it!

My Favorite Workout (from the Total Body Transformation program): I started out doing mostly walking videos, then moved up to kickboxing, barre and strength training. I really enjoy them all! My kids join me sometimes, and always love to see Peanut. She’s such a great distraction!

My most exciting results: When I started last January, I was using 3 and 5 pound weights. I’ve upgraded to using 5 and 10 pound weights now. I can see definition in my shoulders and back and it feels so good. Also, all the jeans I haven’t worn since pre-kiddos fit, and some are too big!

The best healthy living advice I’ve learned is: Some days are harder than others, but that one day or even a week doesn’t negate all the hard work you do all the other days.

Meet Courtnie H.

“My family is appreciating a stronger, more energetic version of me!”


Name: Kristen K.

My Story: I hope my story can help encourage someone, as Jessica’s workouts have helped me. On the night before Easter in 2010, I was sideswiped by a drunk driver. The impact tore several discs in my lower back, leading quickly to early onset arthritis, degenerative disc disease, sciatica and more. So at the age of 23 I went overnight from being fit and active, to being bedridden in unbearable pain, unable to even hold my young daughter.

Shortly after my accident I was told by several health professionals that I could never significantly improve my condition, that my only option was to manage my pain with narcotic painkillers, cortisone shots, and eventually surgery to fuse my spine. I just couldn’t accept this grim prognosis.

I discovered Jessica’s YouTube channel and immediately bought her 21 day plan DVD. I was amazed when I was able to do it without a flare up! I had no idea how much movement was possible without impact! And as Jessica says in one of her workouts, “low impact does not mean low intensity.” It feels SO GOOD to be active again! Jessica’s DVD’s have changed my life so much!

So far I’ve lost a quarter of the weight I’d like to lose, I’m getting toned again, and I feel so strong! I just have to make sure I stretch really well after every workout. I am ecstatic to be able to think about being super fit again without knowing deep down that it would take a miracle. My flares-ups are much shorter now and on my worst days I feel much better after doing one of Jessica’s easier workouts. My family is appreciating a stronger and more energetic version of me that can be more involved in activities. I haven’t felt this much like myself since my accident! I am so grateful to Jessica for creating an amazing variety of fun yet intense low-impact workouts in her Walk On series.

My Favorite Workout (from the Total Body Transformation program): My favorite workout right now is to combine the “Power Posture” and the “Belly, Buns and Thighs” walk.

My most exciting results: It’s just amazing that I can pull myself out of bad days and flare ups by doing the easier workouts on Jessica’s DVDs at least once a day. My bad flares that have always lasted anywhere from two weeks to two months, now last two days to a week! I can’t express how much this improves my quality of life! Also, it’s really cool that I can almost do the monkey bars again.

The best healthy living advice I’ve learned is: It took me a long time to learn this, but having the right mindset is key. It keeps me focused on the big picture and the many reasons for living a healthy and active life beyond weight loss. I used to have an all-or-nothing attitude, so if I ate badly at a meal or couldn’t work out one day, I’d feel like I was starting over and it took great effort to reset. By looking at the big picture and moving forward as well as I can each day, I can be much more consistent, accomplish more, and don’t beat myself up for imperfections.

Meet Kristen K.

“My body, my attitude, everything has been transformed.”


Name: Prisha B.

My Story: I am a 35 year old wife and Mom of 3 from Michigan. I was not happy with the way my body looked and the way I felt. I tried all types of workouts but I would get bored and give up. Then about a year and a half ago, I happened upon a Jessica Smith workout and I haven’t looked back. Even when I do workouts of hers that I have done a bunch of times before, I never get bored. My body, my attitude, everything has been transformed.

My Favorite Workout (from the Total Body Transformation program): Total Body Training is my favorite! I felt it for the next few days, but in a good way. I swear it hit muscles I forgot I even had!

My most exciting results: I have transformed my body and mind with the help of Jessica and her wonderful workouts. I have lost over 18 inches from my body and have toned so many places I didn’t think possible anymore. I know if I take breaks from working out, I am not myself and can’t wait to get back to it!

The best healthy living advice I’ve learned is: All the things Jessica preaches in her workouts: something is always better then nothing and progress not perfection. These are the things that keep me going each day along with all the wonderful support I have in this community.

You can “meet” Prisha during our Cardio Party workout in our “Walk STRONG: 6 Week Total Transformation System!”

Meet Prisha B.

“I not only see a transformation of my body, I’m altogether healthier and fitter than ever.”


Name: Petra S.

My Story: Some years ago I suffered from a shoulder inflammation caused by too much sitting and monotone movements related to my job and when my physiotherapist told me I had to keep doing exercises to get my muscles build up again, I realized, that I should be moving in general a bit more. Gym wasn’t an option for me, therefore I started to search  I found Jessica. I liked her way of teaching, explaining exactly and easy to follow, but at the same time fun, challenging and motivating.

With Jessica, I tried for me new things like Kickboxing and Barre and through her motivation I started doing her workouts on a daily basis. Additionally, when I saw positive changes to my body and health, like much less trouble with my joints I also changed other parts of my life like eating healthier.

Being part of her community, meaning participating in challenges, following the plans from her different programs (I love her “Walk On” sets) and of course interacting with her and other community members is a big motivation and so much fun. Now after more than 2 years of regular workouts with Jessica, I not only see a transformation of my body (like building up muscles instead of fat pads), but I also developed a completely new physical well-being and I’m all together healthier and fitter than ever.

My Favorite Workout (from the Total Body Transformation program): 360 Abs

My most exciting results: When I had an appointment with my physiotherapist this year and she told me, that I not only build up muscles, but also that my posture improved significantly.  Weight loss was never my goal, but I was very pleased, when I dropped down one size in my trousers lately!

The best healthy living advice I’ve learned is: Always listen to your body.

You can “meet” Petra during our Cardio Party workout in our “Walk STRONG: 6 Week Total Transformation System!”

Meet Petra S.

“At 62, I am pain-free and healthier than I’ve ever been and I look forward to living my healthy lifestyle for years to come.”


Name: Robin V.
My Story: I have struggled with my weight ever since I was a teenager and have tried many diet and exercise programs through the years. I am, by nature, a sedentary, food loving person so I always got off track and gained back the weight I lost and more. Almost three years ago, I was 60 pounds overweight with chronic back and knee pain and I decided it was time to make a real change in my life. My goal was to become healthier by losing some weight and exercising. I started with Weight Watchers and an in-home walking program. I was encouraged because I began to see results almost immediately and I became even more committed to eating healthy and working out consistently.

I love to cook and research taught me how to eat healthy without relying on a “packaged” program. Boredom with the exercise program I was using led me to search for other instructors. I ran across Jessica and clicked with her style immediately. I discovered her other DVDs and her YouTube channel and fell in love with working out for the first time in my life. When I started my journey toward health, I never dreamed I could lose 60 pounds but it happened in a little over a year as a result of my lifestyle changes and I have kept it off ever since. I owe a big part of that to Jessica because she’s such an inspiration and led me to try exercises I would have never considered before (such as barre, kickboxing, and yoga) so I never get bored. At the age of 62, I am pain-free and healthier than I’ve ever been and I look forward to living my healthy lifestyle for years to come.

My Favorite Workout (from the Total Body Transformation program): 360 Abs (a great combination of cardio and strength training with an abs focus).

My most exciting results: Seeing the changes in my body from eating healthy and working out consistently. I feel strong and energetic. The “Walk STRONG: Total Body Transformation 6 Week System” provides a fantastic mix of cardio and strength training workouts and I’m really excited to do the full 6-week program.

The best healthy living advice I’ve learned is: Start small. It’s great to set a long-term goal, but be sure to set short-term goals to get you there. Otherwise it may seem overwhelming and you might feel like giving up. Make lifestyle changes gradually and they will become permanent.

You can “meet” Robin during our Cardio Party workout in our “Walk STRONG: 6 Week Total Transformation System!”

Meet Robin V.

“I am happier, healthier and setting a much better example for my kids.”


Name: Karen K.

My Story:Two years after having my second child, my body settled in at about ten pounds more than my pre-pregnancy weight. I felt unattractive, tried to hide under baggy shirts and hated getting my photo taken. I wasted money on gym memberships I never used and tried to be a runner. But I kept quitting. Not only was I not seeing results, I wasn’t having any fun trying.

Finally, I accidentally discovered Jessica’s YouTube channel — and I haven’t looked back. Two years later, I’m down about ten pounds and am immeasurably stronger. But most importantly, I’m finally comfortable in my own skin. I focus on how I feel, not achieving flat abs or a certain number on a scale. I am happier, healthier and setting a much better example for my kids. And it’s all thanks to Jessica for making fitness approachable and fun! Every day I can do something different, so it never gets boring.

Her approach is positive without being pushy, and she is a true professional. She has also introduced me to an online fitness team that motivates me and keeps me accountable every day. We have become great friends and support each other through all the highs and lows. I can confidently say exercise is finally a part of my daily life.

My Favorite Workout (from the Total Body Transformation program): 360 Abs

My most exciting results: My strength. Not only do I feel stronger, I have muscle definition I’d never seen before.

The best healthy living advice I’ve learned is: Stop comparing yourself to others, and find what works for you.

You can “meet” Karen in our Cardio Party workout in our “Walk STRONG: 6 Week Total Transformation System!”

Meet Karen K.
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