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Check in below with Jessica and her team, along with the rest of our community from around the world! We’re all here to help support and encourage each other, so be sure to check in with us here after your workouts, share your progress pictures and cheer on your fellow team members along the way.

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Hi all! I am a 54 year old long-time walker and mom of 4. Always a Leslie Sansone fan who served me well. Now comes Jessica Smith -- I am hooked! Her walking workouts are fresh and new and her personality is infectiously positive and motivating! I am on week 4 of the 6 week program and am loving it! I still mix in some of her other DVD's on days I'm feeling extra energetic and still enjoy her free content on Youtube (which I find to be so generous on her part)! Peanut is pretty cute too! It blows my mind how Jessica is able to come up with new and creative ways in which to move the body that are fun and effective. Please never stop Jessica -- we're counting on you!!


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