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Walk Strong 2

We would love to continue our Walk STRONG journey with you! Our Walk Strong series currently progresses in four phases as outlined below:

Phase #1: The Walk Strong: 6 Week Total Transformation System

Phase #2: The Walk STRONG 2.0 Plan ( the printable calendar is available here– pg 2 includes the key/direct links to the videos included)

Phase #3: Walk STRONG 3.0: 8-Week System (more detailed information can be found here).

Phase #4: The Walk STRONG 6-Week Master Rotation [calendar]– This program just helps you put all of your Walk STRONG programs together into one schedule, we recommend it only after you’ve completed all of the original program rotations first. The free printable calendar is available here on our website. 


Love our 6 week system? Ready for more? We’d love to continue this journey with you! Our sequel series, “Walk STRONG 2.0,” was designed to build on our initial 6 week set to help you continue progressing and going STRONG!


(please scroll to pg 2 for links to videos included)


Check out our Master Rotation Calendars for our “Walk ON” and “Walk STRONG” series collections for suggestions on how to put them all together into your own personal 6-week schedule. Click the links below to download the free, printable pdf calendars (we recommend printing pg 1 only as pg 2 is image heavy):

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD YOUR WALK STRONG: Master Rotation 6-Week Calendar [Updated]

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD YOUR WALK ON: Master Rotation 6-Week Calendar [Updated]

Our first edition master rotation calendars are also still available here:

Walk ON Master Rotation Calendar [Original 4-week edition]

Walk STRONG Master Rotation Calendar [Original 4-week edition]

You can also mix and match any of the below programs as you see fit with our 6 week system or download our free, printable Phase II Calendar pdf here for our suggestions on what to do after your first 6 weeks are complete!


Jessica Smith - Walk Strong - Burn Fat & Have Fun

Join us for three 30-minute creative, calorie burning walks! This all low impact [no jumping] program features cardio interval training, steady state fat burning plus standing abs [no floor work required!], core and coordination exercises all designed to help you build balance, agility and spatial awareness. This single DVD contains over 90 minutes of walking fun.

Equipment (all optional): A step (optional) and a small playground ball (a hand towel can be used instead)

Jessica Smith - Walk Strong - Boost Matabolism + Muscle

Join us for three 30-minute fat blasting, strength building workouts! These metabolic conditioning circuits feature a variety of low impact [no jumping] exercises designed to build muscular endurance, functional strength, boost metabolism and even prevent and reverse bone loss.This single DVD contains 105 minutes of workout time.

Equipment: A mat and two sets of dumbbells – one lighter set for smaller muscles, one heavier set for larger muscle groups (can also be done with only one set of weights)

Jessica Smith - Walk Strong - Build Balance + Inner Strength

Join us for three 30-minute fusion style barefoot cardio and strength building workouts! These all low impact [no jumping] sessions build balance, agility, posture, coordination and core strength (no floor work required!).This single DVD contains over 90 minutes of workout time.

Equipment: A light set of dumbbells [optional], a flat resistance band [we’re using a 6 ft. band of medium strength]

Gentle Yoga with Jessica Smith for Balance and Flexibility

Create your own personal practice with our customizable DVD menu! Choose from four 20-minute flows: neck and shoulders, chest and back, hips and knees or total body, that you can mix and match every time you get on the mat [DVD only]. These easy, gentle stretches are perfect for beginners or regular exercisers needing to add in more flexibility work. No meditation, chanting or sanskit terminology used, some chair modifications shown. This single DVD contains over 80 minutes of movement.

Equipment: A mat, a sturdy chair [optional]

Jessica Smith Walk On: Walk The Weight Off 30 Day Plan

This efficient, low impact program focuses on a balanced mix of both steady state and interval cardio sessions along with innovative strength training that uses both dumbbells and resistance band work to challenge your muscles in new ways – all while you walk! Contains 3 DVDs with over 4 hours of walks and bonus segments.

Equipment: One set of dumbbells (optional), one flat resistance band.

Walk On: 21 Day Weight Loss Plan

This 21 day plan features 4, comprehensive 30-Minute walking-based workouts that combine low impact, calorie burning cardio, metabolism boosting strength training, 360-degree standing abs conditioning, plus flexibility and stress relief. This plan will maximize your energy and fat burning potential! Contains 2 DVDs.

Equipment: One set of dumbbells (optional), a sturdy chair.

Walk Six Mile Mix

This customizable program (DVD only) allows you to mix and match your program every time you walk! With 6 miles to choose from (warm up, cool down and stretch segments are separate), you can create your own cardio or toning session (or a combo of both) with every workout. Get almost 2 hours worth of workout time on this 1 DVD!

Equipment Used: One flat resistance band

Walk On: 5 Fat Burning Miles

Create your own personal walking program with our customizable menu (DVD only) every time you walk with us! There are numerous options to mix and match your 5 miles (warm up and cool down are separate) to get a unique workout that challenges your mind and body. Also included are our two bonus segments, the “Strong Feet and Ankles” and “Strong Knees and Hips” routine to help you walk strong and pain free for years to come.

Walk On: 15 Minute Fast Fat Blasts

Fit in fitness 15 minutes at a time! Rack up your daily step count, boost your energy and mood or simply squeeze in a quick, complete workout on a busy day. Features our 4, 15-minute walks: Fast Fat Burn, Power Pick Up, Belly Blaster and Dance Party.

Yoga Stretch for Beginners and Beyond

Get started with yoga with our two complete, 30-minute practices: “AM Energizing Flow” and “PM Relaxing Flow.” Our yoga-inspired stretch routines are perfect for beginners with options to progress. No chanting or Sanskrit terminology used.

Equipment Used: Mat, Towel

Jessica Smith: Total Body Balance

If you love our barefoot fusion routines, don’t miss this DVD! Filmed outdoors in sunny Miami, this all low impact program includes 4 different 20-minute fusion style routines including cardio, toning, flexibility and core work.

Equipment used: One set of light dumbbells (optional)

Jessica Smith: Walking for Weight Loss

Like to walk for longer periods of time? Join us for a 40 minute Power Walk (including warm up and cool down) or a 40 minute High Energy Walk, or do both together for one super endurance building walk! Filmed outdoors in sunny Miami, this walking program offers options for various levels of exercisers, so you can follow along at your own perfect pace.

Jessica Smith: Cardio ABS

Love our HIIT and metabolic conditioning workouts? Don’t miss this DVD! With 3, 30 minute workouts (plus a bonus 4 minute Tabata session!) to choose from, this program also includes our free bonus Abs Guide to help you maximize your results with this plan. Best for intermediate to advanced level exercisers.

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